Asociación Vidasana

VIDASANA is a non-profit organization for the promotion of cultural and biological development. The goals of the association Vida Sana are the following:
• stop the use of polluting techniques of industrialized agriculture, stop the contamination of land, water and air, by offering a sustainable alternative: organic agriculture.
• develop organic agriculture in Spain, f.e. through the dissemination of organic farming standards
• contribute to the health of consumers.

Vida Sana has actively participated to formalize the processes of organic agriculture in Spain. Vida Sana has also published over 70 technical studies and reports, 12 books on biological topics and other serious problems that affect health at all levels of society. It has a reference library for members, with more than 3.000 titles available. Additionally, the association is editor of `The Ecologist´ (magazine for Spain and Latin America), and sends for free weekly ´Vida Sana´ newsletter to hundreds of organizations and entities throughout Spain.

The association is furthermore responsible for the organization of ´BioCultura´, Spain’s most important trade fair on alternative-and responsible consumption. 25 editions have taken place in Madrid and 17 in Barcelona and this year the first fair took place in Valencia. About 600 companies and organizations participate in these fairs and in respectively in Madrid and Barcelona the number of visitors exceeds 125,000 and 60,000. 

They will be responsible for the organic agriculture and permanent training while the project's lifetime.

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