Transfer Consultancy

TRANSFER is a consultancy of Dutch origin that supports companies in setting up their business in foreign markets. TRANSFER Consultancy  helps European SMEs to enter the Spanish market through market studies, partner search, information, sector studies, marketing & export support and legal advice.

Over the last 13 years, TRANSFER has specialized in, among other sectors, the promotion of environmental technology and renewable energies in Spain. Our focus on sustainability is due to the interest and experience of our consultants on the one hand and the fact that Spain is in great need of innovative and cost efficient technologies in this field on the other hand.

TRANSFER has successfully helped companies execute pilot projects in Spain together with local companies, governmental organisations and research institutes. Our expertise is in matching the right partners and guiding the process of cross-border cooperation with very positive results for all involved: projects get executed in a very results oriented way.

For several of our clients we fulfil the necessary marketing and information dissemination campaigns in Spain in order to develop and extend the market for them and create long lasting success.
All expertise will be put to use to guarantee a smooth project process and high level dissemination of information to all stakeholders involved.

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