The closing conference was followed by a day trip to the fields of Illana


To close the final international conference of the 'Crops for Better Soil' project, we invited all speakers and attendees to join us for a day trip to the trial parcels of Illana.

The host, Mr. Luis Ballesteros, a participant in the Crops for Better Soil project, received over 80 visitors and showed them the excellent results of the trial on his plots.

During the visit, we learned about the different trials:
In the first parcel, Luis explained the use of the decompactor. To do that, he made two trial pits, one in an untreated area, and another one where he used the decompactor. We observed the structure of the soil at different depths and saw that the soil was more compact in the untreated parcel and more porous and loose in the treated area.
Moreover, the MEDUSA team showed the profile of the areas with maps obtained withl Agribox y el RhoC.

In the second and third parcels, the participants were shown the effects of the use of flexible harrowing equipment for weed control on a wheat and chickpea field, as well as the management of vertical tillage systems to optimise water use.
In addition, they were able to observe the effect of intercropping in cereal and legume cultivation, and found several bushes that show the nitrogen storage in the roots. .

Participants and organisers were satisfied with the results of a productive and dynamic event, which concluded with a group lunch that included regional dishes made with legumes grown during the project.


Below, a few photographs of our field trip.



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