Last technical visit to the farmers in the project area of Guadalajara

Overlooking the completion of the project LIFE 10 – Crops for better soil, on August 10th, the technician who´s responsible for the area of Guadalajara Juan Pablo Del Monte (UPM) accompanied by Egbert Sonneveld (Transati) and Marisa Gandia (Transfer)have visited different participating farmers of the project. During the visit the team have performed different questions regarding the harvesting data of this last campaign as well as assessing the most relevant problems presented on crop management.

The visits have started in Yela, which is located in the north side of the province of Guadalajara, where Ruben Manzano is the responsible farmer. A farmer who´s land had an ecological transformation since the start of this project. During the visit, he expressed his satisfaction in having participated in the project and his interest in continuing with the production of organic chickpea.

Later on, the team have visited Luis Olmeda in Masegoso de Tajuña. A farmer with wide experience in the production and marketing of organic products and has expressed his perception on the growing interest of people in organic products.

The team continued visiting to Jose Luis Blas, although the plots of the project are in Fuentelahiguera of Albatajes, the meeting took place in his private home in Guadalajara. Mr. Blas has extensive experience in organic production both in rainfed crops and in horticultural crops. During the meeting he expressed great interest in all of the findings and conclusions that are obtaining in the project.

The day ended in the village of Auñón, where Angel Lopez lives, a farmer who is active in organic agriculture. Since 2008 they have a small mill of organic olive oil with designation of origin lives. During the meeting he expressed his satisfaction with his participation in the project.

All the farmers that have been visited, we handed out a series of Layman's Report y de Guide Booklets named ´The future in the hands of the farmer', in gratitude for their participation and for them to share and disseminate the project results among their neighbors and acquaintances


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