Last technical visit to farmers in the project area of Zamora

On August 26th, the last monitoring visit of the farmers was performed out in the area of Zamora. Pedro Luis Alonso (Transati) the technician who is in charge of that area and Marisa Gandia (Transfer) visited different farmers who have participated in the project in order to collect harvest data from last season, as well as to assess farmer’s general impression about the events, problems and their perception of the project results.

First, they have visited Miguel Angel Neches in Barcial del Barco, in which he said that although the harvest has been poor due to the weather of the year, with numerous rains, he has managed to save the harvest by making grooves, thus preventing the cultivation drowned by excess water.

Later on, the team visited the village of La Torre del Valle, where Victoriano Fernandez was the host. A farmer who has some extremely poor lands, where none of the years has come to reap including the current campaign despite of the project’s technician advices.

Finally, the team visited Mari Luis Prieto and Carlos Garcia in San Cristobal de Entreviñas, where farmers were asked about the current campaign and the problems encountered. Luis Mari said that he recognized the consequences of not following the recommendation of making furrows in his land and thereby the results were the crop losses in this campaign. However, Carlos explained the good results and satisfaction with what has been learned throughout this project.

To all the farmers we visited, we handed out a series of Layman's Report and Libritos Guía, in gratitude for their participation and for them to share and disseminate the project results among their neighbors and acquaintances.

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