Kick off of the LIFE+ project 'Crops for Better Soil'

The LIFE+ 'Crops for better Soil' project, which had been aproved in 2010 by the European Union, was iniciated the 15th of October 2011. On the 18th of October 2011,  the first Steering Committee Meeting with all the partners of the project was held.

The meeting was held in Torres de Alameda, Madrid. It began with the introduction of all the partners involved and a brief summary of the project, pointing out the most important issues.






In the second part of the meeting, two workshops were held. On one hand, group 1 was responsible for the technical part and on the other hand, group 2 focused on the financial procedures. During the workshops partners were able to discuss the important points, questions and different opinions of all participants.







After lunch, all the partners visited Transati´s facilities. The meeting ended successfully and all participants showed great interest and high expectations of the project.


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