Final selection of farmers in Guadalajara, Zamora and Zaragoza

The Transati team, together with the agronomists José Luis Caudevilla and Pedro Luis Alonso - experts in organic farming, visited all the areas to select the final farmers. On the 22nd of November they traveled around all the four communities to visit the different farmers.

Each farmer was given a brief description of the project and interviewed to get to know more about their areas, crops and their interest of this project.







All showed big interest to participate, and finally,  the experts agronomists and Transati selected the areas and farmers.  

150 acres were taken in total in Guadalajara, with 6 farmers. 100 acres in Zamora with 8 farmers and finally 150 acres in Zaragoza and Navarra with 7 farmers.

The picture below shows one of the fields in Matallana that produces their own compost.  

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