Analysis of protein content of the durum wheat trial polyculture of Illana

On August 8th, Juan Pablo del Monte (UPM) and Marisa Gandia (Transfer) proceeded to analyze the percentage of protein on the samples taken on the 20th of July from the plots of polyculture (chickpea-wheat) in Illana.

So far, these samples were classified and treated using different screening processes in the laboratories of Malherbology and weeds control at the Technical School of Agricultural Engineers in the UPM. Once the wheat samples were clean, it has been taken to the facilities Transati S.L, in Torres de la Alameda (Madrid) where feature equipment were acquired under the co-finance of the project Crops for Better soil, in order to measure the protein contents in wheat. The equipment is named NIR (Near Infrared Transmission) click here for the brochure.

The NIR works by analyzing samples by nondestructive method, it gives the protein percentages of grain, bulk density and moisture.

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